Why has my playlist deleted half of the songs in it?

  • 10 March 2019
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I’ve been a soundcloud go+ user for a long time now, and it’s really beginning to become frustrating with the lack of improvement and serious amount of issues I have using this platform.

for maybe the millionth time now my saved playlist has been randomly unsaved, requiring me to redownload roughly 40 hours of music to my phone. Why is this happening? After the 5th time it’s really starting to turn me away from using soundcloud.

the search function is absolute rubbish, two letters wrong and no results found. Surely a company like Soundcloud can fix their search function?

Again for the Millionth time my playlist has deleted half of one of my playlist. Having so many songs in a playlist just to have half disappear, do you know how long it takes to put these songs back into a playlist? Let alone try and remember 150 - 200 songs that went missing?Again issues like these make me wonder why I pay $10 a month to have constant issues that make using soundcloud a fucking chore. LITERALLY the only reason I’m still using Soundcloud is because some songs on here can’t be listened to on anywhere but Soundcloud and because it’s a pain to transfer 600 songs over to a new platform.

i hope this reaches someone who actually gives a fuck about user feedback. These bugs have been going on long enough and if my playlist deletes one more time, or if my playlist doesn’t reappear in the next week I’m deleting this shocking app and cancelling my subscription.

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