Why the heck can't i make albums because my "cover is too big or isn't in the correct format?"

  • 20 October 2018
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I swear I have tried this is so many different ways. I am trying to keep my cool but please forgive me if I get mad in text (I will try to refrain from so) but I am at my end with SoundCloud. I have tried and tried to upload a cover photo for my album I was making and all it said was "the image is too big or is not in the correct format." I have already read over the requirements, please do not comment that down below. I just really wanted to create my album. I even googled a test image for another existing SoundCloud song and it STILL didn't work. I have already read the rules and requirements about what is needed to uploaded, and I followed them and tried hundreds of different times. Please help me!

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