Windows 10 UWP Feedback

  • 31 May 2017
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It works stable and fast and it also already perfectly scales down to a mobile format. In Desktop mode it looks a little bit too "empty" but scaled down it perfectly fills the space. So some motion and Project NEON stuff should work for this so that the App is more satisfying while using. Also don´t forget to have an eye on the Windows Feedback Hub. There will be Feedback.

Ps: Enabling it for mobile (ARM) will also bring benefits for the Windows 10 on ARM devices this fall.

3 replies

I think having an option to expand a certain tab on the main screen of the app would be helpful and good to have in the app. Maybe have an 'Expand" button next to a tab so we can see more of what is in the tab. "New & Hot" for example. Like a Quick Access feature/option.
I am not seeing how I can press play on a playlist and have it start from a random song. Currently I can only select a song, then it shuffles. Having a Play button maybe in somewhere on the playlist page would be easier because then it will start in a random order.

An alternative is to have a 'Shuffle Playlist" button so if people want to shuffle it from the get-go, they can. Some people may want to start manually and others may want to always start a playlist by shuffling. But as of now I have to select a song to start with and then press shuffle. I think having a Play button somewhere would be a easy thing to go to if you want to play a playlist and have it shuffle automatically.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your contributions on the Community about our recently beta release for Windows. We'll forward your reports, but please see here for more info around the app, and use the feedback button on the HC to forward any bug reports you find. This way it'll quicker reach the right team :-)