Won't let me add songs to an already existing playlist

  • 29 January 2019
  • 3 replies

I've looked and i've looked for help on this but there's no answer. i've tried it on google chrome and it still won't work. It only lets me create a new playlist.
I'm new to this website and I'm already disliking it. I just want to listen to music I can't access on spotify.

3 replies

Yes, this bug has existed for years and still hasn't been fixed. I don't use playlists because of this reason...
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Hey there,

@CIRCADE and @Brad Isbell I do remember when many users where reaching out about this being an issue a few years back indeed, however the root cause from back then was fixed many moons ago. Another cause for this was a third party extension, AdBlock, causing the option to not show. Try disabling this temporarily, or try in an incognito window and this should actually work.
Ah, I'll try disabling AdBlock, thanks!