Won't let me add to existing playlist?

When I click add to a playlist, it just asks what I should call my new playlist and also gives suggestions but there's not option to add the song to and existing playlist.

I'm using google chrome and I'm pretty sure it's updated.

Any help?

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Hi Chickenator,

Username of the day for sure! Can you share with me a screenshot of an add that you are unable to complete? I'd like to give it a try on my end with the same track. Make sure I can see the track you are adding and let me know the title of the playlist you wish to add it to.

I have had this problem since day one. It only has the option to create a new playlist when the "add to playlist" button is pushed. I have tried chrome and safari, and tried to do it from the track list, my tracks, and playlist screens. All the same. Maybe you can take a screen shot gina?

It's not just on Chrome, I tried on Chrome and Internet Explorer too and the same thing keeps happening!
Never had this problem before until today & it's bugging the hell out of me! PLEASE HELP FIX THIS!!!

Why doesnt soundcloud fix this? Its a pretty big issue
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Why doesnt soundcloud fix this? Its a pretty big issue
This needs sorting! It's crippling me and tons of others too!
If you create a new temporary playlist, this should solve the problem.
Why doesnt soundcloud fix this? Its a pretty big issue
This s#*% just recently started happening to me & it's horrible. I'm guessing they've recently upgraded some software or hardware that wasn't quite 100% compatible with existing integrated interface or whatnot & its causing this error to happen sporadically... Either that or their competitors are getting wind of how quickly Sound Cloud is growing & some hack jobs are going on.
If you create a new temporary playlist, this should solve the problem.
Thanks for the suggestion... That actually worked out just fine.
I believe you can do it from the app. But then you uave to back onto your computer to upload songs to it. Such a disgrace! Maybe if we keep commenting, soundcloud might actually do their job and fix this. Its a big deal!
I'll join the club of frustrated people. Pls fix this!!
Me too!
has this been fixed for anyone yet? I'm still having this issue 😞
Still not working 😕
I know! I still have the same problem. Plus, on my phone, the track count seems in my playlist seems to be decreasing by two everyday and I haven't deleted any songs!
Same here
Let me be frustrated with all of you guys! 😕
Man, I'm hitting just about every road block I can find today. This problem happens to be one of them 😞
When will this be fixed -.-
Had this problem. Deleted punctuation from the name of my playlist (a single comma) and it works as it's supposed to. Also, delete cache, cookies, and login again. Hope this helps.
This is quite frustrating - I was extremely excited to post my full album, it will not let me create an album or playlist with my tracks.. i uploaded all tracks at once and only 2 tracks showed up.. then i try adding them to a playlist, with same title and it just creates two different playlists.
Prior to this... i deleted just about all my tracks for extra upload time and it would not update..
This bug is still happening and I can't find any way to get around it. This is bullshit. Why won't they fix this bug yet?!
This is driving me mad. It won't give me the option of adding a second track to a playlist anywhere. Nothing works. I tried it with Chrome and Safari but the same problem. Absolutely crazy.