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  • 19 March 2015
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Why are tags entered when uploading a track not added to the RSS feed. is there away to do this?

4 replies

iTunes/Apple has instructed me to add a numerical code to my soundcloud rss coding that will allow me to access analytics in iTunes, without adding this code to either the copyright, keyword, tags or description in the rss code we can't access stats in iTunes. This appears to be an issue other sc users are having. When can we get this resolved? even if users can't change the rss code themselves can we have a help desk we can message the info to and they can add it to the code for us?
Has this issue been resolved? I have having the same problem.
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I was expecting for the <itunes:keywords> fields to be completed based each tracks tags to enable iTunes to be searchable based on those keywords just as you would with a handwritten rss/xml file.

i talk from your reply that this is not possible, is this an improvement we can expect in the future?
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing in to get some clarification on how tags from SoundCloud can help in iTunes. Give this a quick look, the article describes what tagging iTunes encourages you to use for search optimisation. Now i'll tell you where these fields are auto filled from SoundCloud:

Category tag - is the category you select under your content tab in your track edit page
Summary tag - are the individual track descriptions
Description tag - is your SoundCloud profile bio

Unfortunately tags as they are used in SoundCloud are not carried over in iTunes but I recommend using the same tag key phrases in the above fields so as to make yourself searchable by the right audience.

I hope that makes sense, please get back to me if this isn't clear.

Happy Podcasting,