`artwork doesn't show on itunes!

I had a few listeners complain that they couldn't see our artwork on Apple podcasts even though it appears fine on Soundcloud and Stitcher.

I updated the artwork under Apple's guidelines, still no improvement.

I emailed them for help and got the following response:

While investigating this issue, we were unable to access the image listed,, under the tag in your RSS feed ( see screenshot).

Please update the tag in your RSS feed to change your metadata. You can use the RSS tags section four Podcasts Connect Help Guide as a reference but you may also have to reach out to your podcast host provider for assistance with those steps.

After updating that tag, refresh the feed in Podcasts Connect and allow 24 hours for updates to appear on Apple Podcasts.

I've read that we're unable to edit the soundcloud rss feed so how can this problem be resolved? Anyone at soundcloud able to help?

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Hi there,

Hmm, that is odd. When looking into your RSS feed, the URL in question is (you can find this URL in your feed by copy & pasting the URL into a new address field on your web browser and hit enter.) I'm not sure where iTunes is pulling the URL that you provided from to be honest.
Well we do use feedburner as well but I can't see how that's affected it. What I really don't get is that it was initially an issue for just a few listeners - so some people saw our artwork, others didn't. After updating our artwork to apple standards, no-one sees it?! It's bizarre to me
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Hi there,

I can see the artwork in iTunes just fine. Did you change anything that has fixed this?
No I didn't change a thing! Not complaining though, thanks for your help