Blocking Podcast from iTunes via RSS Tagging

  • 19 March 2019
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We have sent several queries to iTunes directly for the podcast ( to be removed, to no avail.

The podcast is hosted by SoundCloud via this RSS feed:

These queries always result in an auto-display message from iTunes: "You have requested that your podcast be removed from the iTunes Tore. in order to do this, you simply need to add the tag to your RSS feed and your podcast will be blocked from the iTunes store."

However, SoundCloud's RSS setup page does not allow for tagging, from what I see.

We've sent a message to iTunes through a Developer Support portal in hopes of it reaching somebody, as the PodcastsConnect login portal for direct access seems to be stuck in a failure loop (valid email / password keeps taking us back to the login page).

I've seen in another thread ( that others have had a similar issue with not being able to add tags directly to the RSS feed, so that solution route may not be viable.

Any feedback would be welcome.

Many thanks.

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