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I uploaded our intro episode for our podcast and then I keep getting this error that it is failing validation. Then I reached out to itunes support and they said this is the problem:

There’s an error in your feed that is preventing validation in Podcasts Connect. Test your podcast or use a recommended third-party feed validation service.

After review, I see that Byte-Range Support is not enabled on your RSS feed URL. This is preventing your episodes from showing in your RSS feed URL. All podcast episodes, XML, and artwork are hosted on publicly addressable servers with byte-range requests enabled.

After that, I tested our RSS feed on and got the information below:

Byte-range support
The server for your episodes must support “byte-range requests”, which enables podcast apps to fetch media in chunks. This is required to support streaming, and is required to be promoted in iTunes.
  • Hrmmm, the “0” status code was unexpected. Can you please report using the "?" in the lower-right corner?
Now, I just want to know how to fix this??? HELP!!

Please and thank you!

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I have the same problem.
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Hey there,

@Two Blonde Moms that error message is - unfortunately - quite misleading. SoundCloud feeds do generally support byte-range support, it is merely something else in the settings that is causing the error message to pop up. From what I can see, though, all of the things that are sometimes mixed up and cause errors are set up correctly: You have at least one episode in your RSS feed, the description does not contain any emojis, the profile picture is 2000 x 2000px, so it is all good.

Did you change anything since you wrote in here on the forums and is this now working for you?

@COOKSEYR Same goes for you - your settings on SoundCloud look alright - were you able to submit properly in the meantime?