Can not download from iTunes or any other podcasting app

  • 25 May 2015
  • 3 replies

For several months i cannot download my subscribed podcasts from iTunes which are on soundcloud. One example is this one: tested with other browsers. Chrome gives "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET " error. Cannot download.

when i use proxy server,like zenmate and change my country to US then i am able to download. I reside in Turkey. How can i download?

3 replies

Hi there, i test with other ISP's like one with 3G and i think this is an ISP issue. i will try to contact with support.

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Hi there,

Very sorry about the inconvenience. Please review this conversion to learn about our availability in Turkey at this time.

Thanks & all the best,
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looks like its either getting blocked to your geographic location because of licensing, or by your ISP, as the download is working for me.