Can’t download episodes from your feed.

  • 13 November 2017
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I seem to have solved every other problem with submitting the RSS feed to iTunes, but it is still telling me that it
Can’t download episodes from your feed when I try to validate.

I am new to podcasting. Can you please help? I've been working on a solution for a week. Nick

11 replies

Any sort of help would be great, I have the same issue.
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Junior - are you still having trouble submitting the feed? I tested it with Podcasts Connect and it told me the feed was previously submitted.

Peter - if you're still having trouble submitting the feed to Podcasts Connect, please post a link to the feed so we can take a look at it.
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Hi Nick

In the settings menu under content you have Stats-service URL prefix set - if you remove this it should fix the problem :)

Happy Podcasting
What does mean Stats-service URL prefix set? What i should past there? Help me please!!
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Hi Maria,

This is a more advanced feature, but it is not required for RSS feed. I would leave suggest leaving it blank in most cases.

Problem like this. Help me please!
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Hi Maria,

Try editing the track/s you have uploaded. Under the permissions tab on each track there should be button to called Include in RSS feed.

Eeeeeee! Thank u!
Another question than
I see in Itunes only subscribe my main channel
but dont see subscribe my track
how to do that?
cant see subscribe my track
ive checked all the settings mentioned in this help community and still getting the error
-Can’t download episodes from your feed.

PLEASE HELP I've searched everywhere for any possible mistakes I may have made and have found nothing
I Have an issue about downloading episodes, and yes i went to the settings and clicked on the include rss feed.