"Can't Parse Your Feed" Error on iTunes - Can anyone help?

  • 13 April 2017
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I just started a SoundCloud channel and will be uploading regular content, after which I will be uploading to iTunes. However, when I tried to upload my first piece of content to iTunes' Podcast, the error message "can't parse your feed" came up. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

Here's the url of the piece:

Can anyone help or know how to get rss links validated successfully?

27 replies

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Hi there,

Looks like no one was able to get back to you yet. If you're submitting to iTunes, the URL to submit will be your . I would recommend to go over our Podcasting section on the Help Center to learn more about it. I've noticed that you've already changed your SoundCloud account URL - that's great, as other users will be able to find you much more easily on SoundCloud now :-)

I am having similar issues.

I have uploaded a track to SC to make into podcast.

I have entered the rss url into the (apple) podcast connect and I get failed validation message.

It says "Podcast artwork must be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests."

My artwork is 2000x2000, a jpg and on the SC page.

Can you help?

I'm having the same issues for my podcast which I wish to upload on itunes.
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Hi there,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet.

@russellyeo You artwork still seems to be too small - it is currently 899 x 899px. Please see here how to update your profile image:

@Corey Turner The URL you've provided is a track URL, not an RSS feed. You'll find the feed URL on your SoundCloud settings page:

All the best
I'm getting the same issue now. I've attempted to follow all of the instructions online, but still says "Can't parse your feed". Any suggestions?
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Curb Appeal: Are you still having trouble submitting the feed? I attempted to submit it within Podcasts Connect and it came up as "Ready for Submission." If you're still having trouble submitting the feed to Podcasts Connect, clear your browser cache and try again. I also ran the feed thru a couple validators and everything came up fine.
Hi Mathis @Mathis I'm having the same issues with Apple connect being unable to parse the feed. As far as I'm aware i have done everything correctly and my artwork is a good size so i'm at a bit of a loss? If you are able to help that would be great. Thank you. Here is the link
Hi everyone, i am having same issue. I have followed every instruction to correctly set up an RSS URL for SoundCloud and gave it 72 hours to get ready but still not being able to validate it on iTunes
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Creative Composite - your podcast RSS feed is missing titles. Make sure you enter the name of your podcast into the appropriate settings fields within the SoundCloud dashboard.
Hi i have all the titles set correctly on my soundcloud dash...
see screenshots @shawnmx
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You've redirected your feed to so there's no way to actually check the feed now.
Thanks @shawnmx that has sorted everything.
I'm having the same issues, but i've fixed all of these issues and it still won't parse my feed on itunes. On pocket casts it says something is wrong with my mark up also. Not sure what that means. Please help! On feed it says mine is valid so i don't know what the problem is.

Here is my feed:
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Anyone having a parsing issue with SoundCloud-generated feeds:

Make sure all of your podcast show notes are clear of emoji. Emoji in podcast feeds cause those feeds to break.
Wondering if someone can help me to identity why my feed is "parsed?" The feed is below, thank you so much!

I'm searching for some help. I've uploaded a podcast into SoundCloud and am attempting to get it submitted to iTunes. I keep getting a "Can't Parse Feed" notification when I type in the SC URL, and I am not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone advise?
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Pig's Eye Podcast - you've entered a value in to the Subscriber Redirect field in your SoundCloud dashboard. That's causing your feed to break. You need to remove whatever you've entered in to that field in your settings.

The Athletic Denver - you're trying to submit a SoundCloud profile URL instead of an actual podcast feed. Try submitting this URL instead:
@shawnmx Hi - any idea what could be going on in here?

Feed url:

iTunes Connect error: Can’t parse your feed.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, there. I'm also having the same issues. I have a very short introduction and keep trying to submit it to iTunes. The reply is "can't parse your feed," with no further description of what that means.

Thank you!
I'm having the same issues
I have facing the same issue with

When i going for connect sound cloud with iTunes then i have one more problem that is iTunes error 5105 and i don't know how to get the solution of this problem.
I'm having the same issue.
Episode 1 Schlosser Excavating

I've read all this and I cannot figure out how to take what I'm reading from this and fix this issue. I've spent a lot of hours trying to figure this out before I asked for help. anyone savvy and willing to help I would be very grateful. Tyler
Hi, having similar problems. When I paste this link: the following message comes up:
No episodes exist in your feed.
Podcast artwork must be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests.

Yet I have two episodes here: and I have adjusted my artwork to be exactly 1400 x 1400 even if it looks off size. Can anyone please help me? Have I uploaded the episodes to the wrong space?

Kind regards,