can't upload my rss to itunes (podcast connect) image spec wrong

  • 23 October 2018
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When I try to upload the rss feed to podcastconnect (itunes), it tells me:

The illustration must be provided as a JPG or PNG file in the RGB color space, between 1,400 × 1,400 pixels and 3,000 × 3,000 pixels, and be hosted on a server that allows HTTP requests.

though my profile pic is in the right size, soundcloud seems to reupload it on his serveur in 500x500.

When i inspect the warning whith chrome it tells me Soundclound is hosting my image on a unsecured server.

Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ''. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

can someone help me with that?

2 replies

same problem for me, anybody HELP?
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same problem for me, anybody HELP?

Hey hey,

Your current SoundCloud profile image is 960 x 960px in size. You can change your image as described in this article on our Help Center:

Once you've updated the SoundCloud profile picture, iTunes should give a thumbs up on that. :)

P.S.: Just realized: there's currently a bug that causes the "Update image" isn't showing when you visit your public profile. You can still change your image by clicking on "Edit" on the right hand side, under your Banner image.