Changing name/image on iTunes?

  • 31 May 2019
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Hey guys I use soundcloud to upload my podcast to other platforms such as iTunes. Right now my profile on soundcloud is at

What I need to do is change my logo and name of the podcast. You can see my logo I want at and the name is my new name I want it to be Tyler James NBA Podcast. However its been about a week and it STILL does not reflect that change on iTunes as you can see here:

The weird thing is when I go to apple podcasts app on my iPhone I do see the right updated logo but the name still hasnt changed. The name is still Celtics and Chill Podcast not what I want it to be Tyler James NBA Podcast.

The logo is right just on the iTunes app but if you follow this link again it is not updated and the name isn't either.

How do I change this guys? I want the logo to be changed across iTunes most importantly but across all platforms. I also want the podcast URL to not be /celtics-and-chill but to my updated name. I was told since I use soundcloud to upload that this is where I should make the changes but its been a week and its not reflecting? Please help!

3 replies

No one can help?
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Hi there,

I've just googled your new name and it looks like it is reflected properly now 🙂 Did you end up doing anything in particular in terms of troubleshooting to get this to work, or was this merely iTunes' cache taking some time to catch up?
I don't see it updated? Check this out

Still says celtics and chill in the URL, and the name and even on some platforms the logo is still wrong. Am I seeing something different? It is obviously updated on soundcloud but I do not see it updated on iTunes.

This is very frustrating I have sent Soundcloud two emails in the past week asking for help and they haven't bothered to email me back anything. About to cancel my account with them.