Feature requests and is there a roadmap?

  • 5 January 2017
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Is Soundcloud developing the podcasting features for producers? Is there a roadmap of upcoming new features?

We really need:

1. Ability to add multiple iTunes categories/subcategory tags to podcasts. Feedburner is not viable as an option.
2. Ability to schedule podcasts for release (We are Pro members)
3. Bigger post text input fields for sharing to Facebook. There isn't any reason to limit the field to such a tiny number of characters.

Thank you.

6 replies

Thanks for posting this. We second what you said, particularly about being able to choose iTunes subcategories, as Feedburner just did not work. Plus it makes sense to make it all centralised in SoundCloud.
Thanks, BAM I don't know why this was marked as best answer/solved, because it is NOT solved, Soundcloud,.

I'd like to stay with Soundcloud because I like the interface and ease of use. But the lack of features is causing me to research other options.
We're in the same boat regarding researching other options, but rather not as I guess that would mean losing current iTunes subscribers.
BAM - You won't loose any subscribers as far as I know. Soundcloud allows you to redirect your feed to your new RSS URL. It's in the Settings>Content section and is very easy to do. You just put your new RSS feed URL into the Subscriber redirect field.
Ah, okay. Well in that case, that's probably what we're going to do.
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Hi there,

To answer your initial question: We're currently collecting all of our feature requests here via our Help Center, to then forward them to the relevant product teams.

There is no public roadmap at the moment, and so far, the feature requests you've mentioned are not planned for immediate release. I have forwarded them to the relevant team for review & to add to the pool of feature requests we receive.

All the best