Getting 'Can’t download episodes from your feed.' error trying to submit podcast to itunes?

  • 26 May 2017
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Using feedburner to submit my podcast to itunes - getting ONLY this error message 'Can’t download episodes from your feed.'

image is fine
all other categories are fine
podcasts are marked 'use in RRS feed'
unlimited S/C

please help
rrs feed :

NOTE : this is NOT an image error - every answer i have seen on this forum fixes the picture, that is NOT the problem!


9 replies

I am having the same issue after uploading my 5th podcast episode to Soundcloud. Now neither the new nor any of my previous episodes (which did work fine) will play in iTunes.

I looked at my RSS feed, and it appears the link to the mp3 file in each episode's media tags is broken... How do we fix this???
I also just noticed when I go to one of my tracks, and click "download original file", I get this:

{"errors":[{"error_message":"500 - Internal Server Error"}]}

Could that be related?
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Hi there,

Are both of you all set? I've looked into both of your accounts' settings from our backend however everything seems to be setup properly. I was also able to subscribe to both of your podcasts and download an episode via iTunes.

Let us know how you ended up fixing this issue. :-)

I'm having this exact same issue.
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Real Life Basketball - what is the URL of the feed you're trying to submit?
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The media enclosure tag for the first item in your feed is linking to this:

Which is an invalid URL (comes up as a 404). I see you've added the Blubrry stats redirect URL but I'm wondering if you might have the setting incorrect. All you need for the stats redirect is:

But I'm thinking you may have entered it as:

Please check the stats redirect setting in your SoundCloud dashboard and see if it needs to be adjusted.
I am having this exact same problem. Everything looks good but Apple will not validate because they send an error that says, "No episodes exist in your feed." I am public, nothing was blocked from copyright problems, I select the box to include in my RRS feed in settings. What can I do?
still having problems with mine. what else could it be???