Going Over Upload Time and Setting Tracks to Private

  • 6 January 2019
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Here's my issue:

-I have the free tier SoundCloud account.
-I have uploaded 6 tracks of a podcast.
-I am 2 minutes over the free upload time.
-I have decided to move to PodBean.
-I want to keep my account, in case people find me through SoundCloud.
-I want to keep my tracks in chronological order - SoundCloud has hidden my first track because I am over the upload time.

I see three options:

1) Delete my sixth track. (Will my first one become unhidden?)
2) Ask SoundCloud to make an exception because it is just two minutes over (haha unsure if they would do this).
3) Is there an option to keep my sixth track, but make it private etc. so my first episode becomes unhidden?

Is there any other options? Thank you in advance.

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