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Google has been making some changes to the way it handles Podcasts, with some good features coming our way. Still, in order to follow Google’s official guidelines for podcasts (, we will need to update the RSS file to include the following tag : xmlns:googleplay


When the RSS files will be updated to include this new tag?


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Hi there TOAD,

It is currently not possible to edit your RSS feed manually, but I'll be sure to pass on your feedback.
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Hi Mathis, thanks! I really appreciate it.

Moreover, do you have any estimates for when this change will be available?
Hi everyone,

Thanks Toad for asking the question, I came with the same intention as you.
I underline the importance of taking this need into account to ensure that Google will be able to play podcasts hosted by SoundCloud. Thanks Mathis for your help on it.
Ping on this! Another podcaster who'd like to make sure the RSS feed is updated for Google. This not only affects Google Podcasts but also the Assistant. This is lots of potential listeners that we can't reach. Please add the googleplay RSS tag. Thanks!
I second this motion. We really need rss update to submit podcast to google podcast system. Thanks!!!
This still doesn't seem to have been updated? There's currently no way to get Soundcloud Podcasts listed on Google Podcasts. That seems like a massive hole. Like - HUGE. If we can have an eta on when this might be available (we need to be able to link to a specific homepage from the RSS code)... Otherwise I'm going to have to move to another podcast host (and I've only just set up here!)
I am new to Soundcloud and was just about to subscribe to get my podcasts on here and then linking the RSS to Google Podcast. If that is not possible then I should consider another host. Is there a timeline we can get to see when this will be fixed?
soundcloud seem very quiet on this front. No reply from them for six months (and that was a “thanks for letting us know” message - above... you would have thought they would already know!).


I would suggest looking elsewhere. I’ve kept mine here but also used podbean (which is now listed on google podcasts)

google havent made it easy even on the other platforms. You have to submit your url, add info to the header page and jump through several other hoops. Perhaps one day they might simplify it from their end too
Soundcloud-is there any movement on this issue? My podcast is available everywhere but Google Podcasts. This is essential for those of us who have podcasts in the UK as we do not have access to Google Play Podcasts like those in the US/Canada.

This should be bumped every day until SoundCloud tell us their progress of updating their RSS so it is compatible with Google podcasts.
Anyone have an idea how this SoundCloud rss managed to get on Google Podcasts?
Just checked and my podcast appeared. It's a myth these new tags are required as mine doesn't have them.

Hey, any news regarding this issue? Any workarounds maybe?

Eagerly awaiting!
Ok everyone,

So apparently it's better to not use SoundCloud for hosting podcast anymore since you can't put them on Google podcast... And SoundCloud refuses to answer to that issue since 6 months.

I have a question, if our SoundCloud RSS is used by Spotify and iTunes, is it possible to change it for another RSS without losing the followers we already have on iTunes and Spotify? Will they agree to change the RSS and keep the same podcast ID ?
Don't know why SoundCloud doesn't solve this problem. It's not hard. Just change the Mata data contend.
If you click "view page source" you will find a mata data relating to google.

It's just that the content here is not correct, SoundCloud can easily solve it but just don't why the don’t.
BTW, you can get your correct mata data content here by copying your RSS to URL prefix: