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Google has been making some changes to the way it handles Podcasts, with some good features coming our way. Still, in order to follow Google’s official guidelines for podcasts (, we will need to update the RSS file to include the following tag : xmlns:googleplay


When the RSS files will be updated to include this new tag?


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Hi there TOAD,

It is currently not possible to edit your RSS feed manually, but I'll be sure to pass on your feedback.
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Hi Mathis, thanks! I really appreciate it.

Moreover, do you have any estimates for when this change will be available?
Hi everyone,

Thanks Toad for asking the question, I came with the same intention as you.
I underline the importance of taking this need into account to ensure that Google will be able to play podcasts hosted by SoundCloud. Thanks Mathis for your help on it.
Ping on this! Another podcaster who'd like to make sure the RSS feed is updated for Google. This not only affects Google Podcasts but also the Assistant. This is lots of potential listeners that we can't reach. Please add the googleplay RSS tag. Thanks!
I second this motion. We really need rss update to submit podcast to google podcast system. Thanks!!!