Having trouble uploading Podcast

  • 28 July 2017
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So what happens it I can see the upload running smoothly generally speaking it goes up with OK speed. But then as it nears the end or just as it gets to 100% it stops and restarts again only this time id does not show the percentage it just says uploading and it will attempt this one or two more times before it just stops. No error message nothing.

My files are MP3 approx 70MB in size.
Using Ethernet connection.
Adblocker is off. Using most recent updated flash settings and latest chrome browser.
Not sure about encoding though.

I originally thought it was my Internet speed as down is average of 18mbps and up is average of 0.8mbps but my ISP says that it is not the problem even if my up speed is not that good they said it should be fine and also I can upload to stuff like YouTube no worries.

What are other peoples thoughts?

P.S. only thing I have not tried is another browser. But i'll be going over to my brothers place to night who uses SC all of the time for his music and ill try uploading from there to see if it makes a difference. Cheers.


3 replies

Its bizarre. I had some minor issues with the first few but kept trying and eventually got them to upload. Podcast #5 and #6 just would not upload at all and so I took my laptop to my brothers place used his connected via ethernet which is actually slowed than mine and was bale to upload both the first time I attempted with zero problems.
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Hi there,

Hmm - odd. It looks like three days ago you were still able to upload properly. Have you changed anything about your system since then? Another browser sounds like a good way to start troubleshoot this indeed. Testing this from your brother's place, too, as it can isolate your account from being the root cause. You have a confirmed email address and enough quota left on your account, so you should be able to upload properly.

Let the community know how it went :)