How can I find the original song instead of remixes or covers ?

  • 3 July 2017
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I am trying to search for songs and they come up with different versions of same song but I can not find the original song. Anybody have any idea how to better search or how to navigate in the results ? Example I was searching for song "dangerous" by "David guetta". All I get is non sense.
I am Go+ member with full subscription.

3 replies

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Hi there Asheesh,

Sorry to hear you've been having issues with this. It is something we've forwarded as feedback to the relevant team. I'd recommend to look for the track on the artist's official SoundCloud profile for now.

I have the same problem , I am looking for the song ( Carry me like a fire in your heart by Chris De Burgh)

i can not find it and it and I can not find his official account , can anybody help please ?