how can rss download number be larger than plays (under new podcast stats)

  • 22 June 2015
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Our latest podcast (Aftenpodden) has a (top left) play number of 2,8k plays. But the RSS-number under apps, says 3,387. It also has almost 600 plays recorded with the Soundcloud widget, and a few hundred others.

The podcast episode is entirely posted under the new stats regime. Can you please explain how this works, and which number is the correct one?

Apart from this, I would really like to add my voice to those who have asked for a possibility to extract stats. Especially when the parameters keep changing.


Lars Glomnes,

1 reply

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Hi Aftenpodden,

Thanks for writing in & apologies about the confusion - which was likely caused by the change in how we count RSS stats.
Unfortunately, you don't specify which episode you're referring to in your original post. Or, are you referring to the sum of all posts? If the latter is the case, chances are that some of your RSS stats are still showing in the top left section on your stats page, while the stats for the newest podcasts are now counted in the bottom right section (as described in this article).

Now, here's where this is getting a bit tricky - say you've uploaded a track on the 17th on June and got 1000 plays on the first day, and another 1000 on the 18th. These stats would then be distributed across the two places for the RSS stats, because we changed how these are counted on the 18th of June - all stats coming in after June 18th are counted by the new system.

If you're looking at the stats of your newest episode, which was uploaded only 1 day ago, you should not see any plays for this track in the upper left section, but instead see all of the stats in the bottom right.

Phew, sorry about the confusion, but I hope this helps to shed some light on this for you :-)