How to add data to itunes tag on RSS

  • 15 March 2018
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I'm looking to update my tagging on my podcast and to transfer ownership to a different apple ID. As part of that, I was instructed to "Insert the six-digit authorization code “redacted” in all three of your podcast’s tags: iTunes:keywords, iTunes:name, copyright or description/summary tags....
If you are unsure how to edit tags or include the code in the RSS feeds, please contact your host for further assistance."

I don't see where to edit tags. Could someone please point me in the right direction?


Best answer by shawnmx 20 March 2018, 16:25

I believe this will help:
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7 replies

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These settings should all be in your SoundCloud dashboard. You just update the settings there and they'll automatically be applied to the tags in your podcast's RSS feed.
Thanks for the reply, shawnmx. Which url do you use for the dashboard? I go to the dropdown menu, then settings, then content, but I don't see any editing ability for these sorts of tags, just very high level stuff.
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I believe this will help:
Thanks for sharing that, shawnmx. I'm still having trouble making heads or tails of this but I'm asking around. :? Thanks for your help!
Hi DanielSA, did you find a solution for this please? I'm currently having exactly the same issue.

Have contacted iTunes and they've provided me with exactly the same feedback as they did for you.

Yes I am also having this same problem!! Any solutions??
@DanielSA Have you been able to resolve this and add the custom tags? I have the same issue.