How to change RSS feed from http to https?

Trying to play through a service that requires https and I see that my feed is http. Some other accounts have https feed, how do I enable this?

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Hi there,

This is currently not supported, however something our product team is looking into.

The only thing you need to do to 'support' this is use the current protocol when constructing links and enclosures. All items load over SSL; they simply need to be referenced correctly.
Also this:

Do I need to use HTTPS on my hosting server?

iTunes supports and will eventually require HTTPS protocol for servers hosting your content and metadata.
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Hi Mathis, just wondering if there is any update on the https redirect? (also for the mp3s). A lot of browser are now forcing https and blocking any resources that are not secure.
Same as fabs248 an updates? Looking into other hosting options as I type.
Anyone know which hosts use HTTPS for RSS feeds?
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Hi Community,

I'm trying to locate a number of old topics about this to update users who have asked about this in the past. For the moment being, the link in your settings remains unchanged, however you can now use your RSS feed URL with https at the beginning and it will now be recognized as a secure link by any 3rd party.

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With the method you describe, the itunes:image href tags in your feeds are still not HTTPS... so the feeds are still not secure throughout and are being rejected by a number of 3rd party aggregation services.


The feed I am working with contains 70 links which are HTTPS and 55 links which are HTTP. So we are partway there. Can I just add my vote to get this sorted, please.