How to get all of our publicly uploaded tracks through the API

  • 12 January 2018
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Hey guys,

We're trying to automate one of our website pages and stumbled upon an issue with SoundCloud.

Feel free to check to see the result we're aiming for. It's working, but we need to manually modify the page each time we have a new track uploaded, which is such a waste of time!

We want to have repetitive sections where each section has a couple of headings and short meta info like date, author, etc. Each section should embed your awesome player.

E.g. see

In order to automate this for each track we upload, we need to get the uploaded tracks on SoundCloud. There we'll have all the info we need and we can use it on our website.

We're not able to sign up for API access. As I understand the app registration has been limited since a while. Is there a way to get access or at least any estimation on when the registration will be open again?

Is there any other way to achieve the same result?

Thank you!

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