How to keep my uploaded files

  • 14 January 2019
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I would like to start a podcast series. Before subscribing to your service, I would like to inquire about two things.

1) How soon are you planning to offer the opportunity to connect podcast files with Spotify?

2) In case of subscribing for a service, but then later on, canceling it — I mean not paying for it any longer — what happens to the previously uploaded files? Will they remain available for listeners or will they be deleted?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

3 replies

I just want to know what happens in case #2.
Hope to somebody response soon.
Hi there I can't answer your first question but I can answer your second question once you downgrade to a Free plan, your oldest uploads exceeding the limits of the free account will simply be hidden. SoundCloud will not delete anything from your account. You will be still be able to view these hidden tracks on your track page on your profiles BUT THE FILES WILL NOT BE PLAYABLE OR DOWNLOADABLE if you want to download when your back on a free account you will need to upgrade again to download them but some friendly mods on the fourms may make an exception and give you Pro for 5 days it's happened before.

I hope I helped you out
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You can submit podcasts directly to Spotify at

Doesn't matter where you host the podcast.