How to update explicit rating?

  • 25 December 2014
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I can't figure out how to update my podcast's explicit rating. When I first submitted it to iTunes, I didn't label it as explicit. It was accepted to iTunes but I think I should change the rating to explicit because some of our content has changed. But how do I go about doing this?

My rss feed is:

Can someone help?


2 replies

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Hey Robin,

Thanks for posting on the help forum! You can change this in your SoundCloud account settings actually. Just log in to your account and head over to - here, you'll find a box to tick in order to indicate your podcast contains explicit content. This will create a tagline in your RSS feed, and iTunes will update then on their end automatically (which can take a moment).

They have a pretty good documentation for podcast makers here: The relevant part is outlined in the "Submitting Your Podcast Feed to the iTunes Store" section (just click cmd+f (Apple) or Ctrl+f (Windows) and search for the term "explicit" ;-))

Hope this helps!

I am having this same issue; I uploaded the RSS feed to iTunes and everything was accepted and they were posted; however, I then tried using Google Feedburner to add additional categories to our podcasts and now all of my podcasts have an "explicit" rating; I went back into Soundcloud and the 'explicit' box was checked, so I've unchecked it, but they're still showing as 'explicit' in iTunes. any suggestions?