HTTP vs HTTPS for RSS Feeds

  • 17 April 2018
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I currently have a podcast on soundcloud via the free version. As a part of my business I need to create an Alexa Flash Briefing however Alexa requires and HTTPS RSS feed and soundcloud only provides HTTP. Per the Itunes podcast loader Podcastsconnect they will be transitioning to HTTPS soon in the near future.

When will this be changing? If this doesn't change very soon I will have to leave Soundcloud and move to another hosting site. I was planning on upgrading to Pro but if you can't provide a compatible RSS feed for the two top voice platforms your business is going to fold.

Please answer this ASAP. This is critical for podcasters.

7 replies

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Hi there,

You're in luck - you can now use your RSS feed as a secure HTTPS link and it should be recognized by 3rd party clients as secure. The URL in your settings will still show the HTTP link for the moment being.

Happy Podcasting,
Nope. Doesn't work with Alexa. Sorry you're late. I've moved. The fact that you guys have not changed this like yesterday means soundcloud will be forgotten in the very near future. Voice activated voice on demand is the future. Fix your own site don't rely on 3rd parties "should be recognized".

All the best.
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Amazon requires that the feed URL as well as all media file URLs within the feed be https. Having https for just the feed URL isn't enough.
Hey @shawnmx, changing the feed urls to https should now also propagate this to the media urls inside. If it's still not working for you it would be really good for us to know more so we can fix it. Are you still looking into this? Thanks, Stefanie
@My career - FIT is this something you tested after Mathis posted his response? If yes there must be something else that's wrong. If you'd be willing to provide us with more info, that would be great, thanks!
@Stefanie The problem is the itunes:image href tags in your feeds are still not HTTPS... so the feeds are still not secure throughout and are being rejected by a number of 3rd party aggregation services. Fix that and everything should be good.
@The Absolute Truth thanks a lot for your response. Do you mind sharing which 3rd party services you're using still reject the feeds? That would be really useful for us to know. It helps us with testing and prioritising.