I can't connect to Cross Dj Free

  • 19 January 2018
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My MacBook caught a virus so I had to reset it and now it will not let me to sign in/connect to my Soundcloud profile on Cross DJ Free so I can't access and search my music. It used to be fine with me signing in before and would save my profile but now when I try to connect it SoundC. says that they can't find the webpage, SOMEONE PLZ HELP.

this was the link-

4 replies

Same happened to me, figured out it's a url encoding problem. Here's the solution:

1) Copy the url
2) Open up and paste it in the box
4) Copy the result url and browse it on a new page 😉
Have you tried re installing the browser commonly used and have you tried re installing Cross DJ Free.
Hey Sarah,

Any news on this issue ?
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Hmm, not sure what the root cause of this issue might be. I tried it with the free version of Cross DJ just now and it was working properly. Notice that "Mixvibes" will appear in your connected apps on your settings page. If the page leads to an error page, any chance you're running any Adblock or Popup blocking apps on your computer? Your account settings look fine otherwise, so this is currently the only cause I can thing of.

Let the Community know how it went.