I cannot get my Podcast artwork/image to change on the iTunes search page.

  • 15 May 2015
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I updated my picture on my Podcast page on Soundcloud, but the picture on the iTunes search page has not changed, and it has been several weeks since I made the change. Once I subscribed to myself, the new image appeared on the subscription page but not on the search page. I have tried this a few times with different files and different file names (all meeting pixel requirements) with no luck. I am at the end of my wits.

6 replies

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are you using itunes? have you tried clearing the itunes music store cache?


I reset the cache and checked again, but nothing was different. Same Image. Should I reset the cache then add the new image or do something else entirely?
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yes that would be a good idea.... you might also want to try changing the podcast title and a few other fields, then wait until you see the changes reflected in itunes, then change them back again. if that doesnt work try uploading a different format image, etc.
Alright, I have taken all of your advice, cleared the cache and changed some things. Now we wait...

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I have the same problem. I've done everything and I've waited and waited and nothing is showing 😞
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I already SOLVED THIS ISSUE. Go here: