I just brought the unlimited pro promo 10% and they charged me full price!

  • 9 March 2020
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I just bought the year unlimited 10% off email promo ending today March 9th and it said 10 bucks a Month and as soon as I bought it was a charged 144 which is not 10 bucks a month at all! So there’s no email or customer support for what ever reason so I want the difference back on my purchase because they didn’t honor the deal! And I hope no one else got scammed through this and last year I only paid 135 and that’s still not even 10% off of what the price should have been.


l should of been charged 129.60 Instead I was a charged 144.



Thanks for purchasing a Yearly Pro Unlimited plan. Your new plan will help you share and promote your tracks across the web, and learn more about your listeners.

You can also sign in to SoundCloud to download your invoice and review, update or cancel your subscription at any time. Click here to go to your subscription page.

Your plan: Yearly Pro Unlimited plan
Price: $144.00 + Tax


I should have gotten 

promo detail: 


$12.00 discount yes to $10.80/month

billed yearly

$16 discounted to $14.40/month

billed monthly

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