Image not changing from 566x566 pixels

  • 4 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I have changed the resolution of my image for both my profile pic and the track image, but every time I try to post my RSS feed, the image size will not change from 566x566. The current resolution of 1920x1572 isn't showing up. It doesn't matter if I save as a png or jpg, the result is the same. The image below is the result I get, no matter the changes I make. Please help so I can get our first episode posted to iTunes! Thank you.

2 replies

PS: I have also tried not zooming in to the image when updating it, but it is still not changing from the 566x566.
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Hey there,

It looks like you figured it out - your SoundCloud profile image is now square and 1476x1476px in size, so you should be all set 🙂