Is my podcast not approved for the beta program?

  • 20 January 2015
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I applied to the podcast beta program a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything back. The note on the application said that I wouldn't hear back if I wasn't approved, but I'm hoping I can get a human to confirm that. I'm currently using the $6/month pro account and was planning to upgrade to the unlimited account, but if I'm not approved for the podcasting program I'm going to have to switch to Libsyn this week.

Thanks for any help answering this!

My Soundcloud page:

2 replies

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Hi there,

Podcast enabled! 🙂 Sorry about the delay. Your RSS feed is

Everything in regards to Podcasting on SoundCloud can be found here:

If you're planning to submit your podcast to iTunes, I'd recommend to review their documentation as well:

Happy Podcasting!
Awesome -- thanks, Mathis!