Is there any way to increase playback speed?

  • 20 January 2015
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Am pretty sure there isn't, but just thought I'd ask to see if I missed anything.... It would be great to be able to listen to podcasts at 2x, as I can in Itunes.


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24 replies

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I think you are right. There is no such way currently.
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Hey there,

IK is right - there currently is not an option to increase playback speed. We are offering podcasting features for users who apply for it - thus, if you're listening to 1 or 2 (or 3...) specific podcasts, try and see if they have submitted they're podcasts to iTunes.

If you feel like pointing the podcasters to it, feel free to send them this link :-)

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Please add playback speed to your controls. thanks
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Yes please, this is a must have.
+1 on this feature. I would prefer to listen to podcasts on soundcloud as opposed to going to Youtube to listen to them at 1.25x
+1 I would love this feature
I want this!
i really want this aswell
would be dope 😃
1.5x please!
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1.5 and 2x please
Its a must have option, like a youtube speed button
+1 This will definitely help. I'd rather be able to change speed on a song on SoundCloud rather than waste my tablet battery by keeping it unlocked with YouTube.
I need this for podcasts. Please add!!! must have when choosing podcast player.
1.5 and 2x please
This is definitely needed. I hate Apple anything, but am stuck using it because of lack of ability to speed up the podcast I listen to on here. I watch their podcasts on youtube at 2x, and then come here for their post show and have to watch it normal speed....
Yes is. You need to download whatever you want by copying the URL and pasting it into a site like, and then right clicking, opening in a new window and it will play the mp3. Then you have to get an app from the browser webstore, and download something like Video Speed Controller.

Idk about Itunes