Issue changing podcast show art (SoundCloud OK > Feedburner OK > iTunes NOT UPDATING)


I'm attempting to change the show art for my podcast. I uploaded the new image to my SoundCloud channel (with a different file name to the original), and after pinging Feedburner it showed the updated version there. However, it is not updating on iTunes and is therefore still the old version for the iTunes Store, Podcasting apps etc.

SoundCloud account:
Feedburner RSS:
iTunes page:

Old art: darker blue, gradient
New art: lighter blue, solid color

Do you have any ideas for what may be the cause of this issue? Any advice? I can try enquiring on the Apple side too but wanted to eliminate this being an issue on this end.


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Hi there Rob,

Thanks for posting. I've looked into this and the image that is referred in your RSS feed is looking ok - it is the one with solid color (and it is huge actually. iTunes usually asks for 1400x1400 px. They state a maximum of 3000 x 3000 px, so you should actually be ok.

Thus, things are looking all fine on our end. Just FYI - to check for the image in your RSS feed, you can paste your RSS feed into the address field into a new browser tab and hit enter. Then, search for the image URL. In your case, that's:
<itunes:image href=""/>I will also forward this to our product team for review, to see if there is anything we can do to improve this workflow.

Thanks for the reply, Mathis.

It looks like my issue is probably at the Feedburner level. I'm using a service they offer called SmartCast, which requests a URL for 'Podcast image location', and the URL that was there was from the old art. So, although the RSS shows the new image, the location that Feedburner was giving iTunes was the old image.

I've updated the URL and will check my iTunes page later. Will confirm if that was the fix later, in case anyone else has the same problem.