Itunes Cover Art Issue

  • 20 May 2015
  • 3 replies

I am trying to get the podcast onto iTunes but I keep getting the message that the image is not acceptable. They give me the message that it has to be a certain pixels frame, RGB, etc. Is the issue with the image alone or is there something else that I am doing wrong?

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3 replies

okay I would start with checking the size of the image your using, sound cloud requires a minimum of 800x800 but that's soundcloud, on iTunes you need a minimum of 1400x1400 and your max size could be 3000x3000 on iTunes--------------so what does all that mean----

it means every piece of podcast artwork needs to be 1400x1400 pixel at a minimum basically a perfect square, make sure your saving for web which is RGB.......and don't worry soundcloud will accept the larger image, because what they recommend is not to go smaller than 800x800pixel ---------------if your wondering why iTunes requires this size, its because of their high resolution devices and laptop, they control every bit of the experience, so in other words no matter where they see your podcast the image will never be blury
Do I have to use Photoshop to save the image for web? Or can I use another image program?
any program is cool the difference is in the quality of the engine to compress, basically making the image easier to download and view, if you have photoshop then you have the best web optimizer tool, if not anyone will do.............