iTunes doesn't accept my rss feed

  • 22 July 2019
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I have two podcasts, the first one is on Soundcloud (about music) and the other one on Art19 (about everything else). They both have the same name, but are slightly different.

I want the Soundcloud podcast to show up in iTunes, so I use the Soundcloud-rss code in iTunes Podcast Connect. After submitting I get a mail from the iTunes Store that: "Your podcast feed, [ ] was successfully added and is now under review."

Somehow there is a mixup with two rss-feeds. How do I fix this?

A solution could be to make a new Soundcloud rss, or a new account so I can re-upload my podcast there.

Btw, I just upgraded my account to Pro Unlimited.

All the help is appreciated!


3 replies

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Hi Willem,

Hmm, I'm slightly confused. Are both RSS feeds hosted on SoundCloud, or only one of them? If is the actual feed address that you have submitted, it is not possible that this is hosted on SoundCloud (unless you've set up a redirect on the

If you wanted to submit your SoundCloud RSS feed, the URL to use would be .

Does that make sense?
Hi Mathis,

Thanks for the reply. I submitted and I get the conformation that is the rss I submitted. So that's confusing for me as well.

I gave the extra info about Art19 because I thought, because the names are the same, it didn't work.

Is it possible to change something with my Soundcloud account so iTunes Podcast Connect accepts my rss?
Hi Mathis,

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here 🐶.

I got my mind set on the support of iTunes Connect, see if they can figure this out.

Thanks for your help,