iTunes not approving my podcast - 2 errors

  • 7 April 2015
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First, the good news:

I am able to use iTunes to access my podcast using both my feeds:

Soundcloud feed:

Podtrac feed:

However, for both now, iTunes will not approve it for the ITunes store.

The reason is that I have two error messages.

Using to validate.

These two error messages pop up:

Please note that initially, only one error message will show up; but if you wait 10 seconds and hit the "validate" button again, the second error will pop up.

I'm frustrated because I submitted to iTunes back in January and JUST FINALLY found out after calling their customer support that it was because of these two error messages.

I'm a newbie with all of this so I need explicit instructions to help clear the errors.



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<title>the Talk Is Good- CALZONA</title>

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Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting. To be honest, I am not entirely sure what it is that you're aiming to do - most of our users are submitting their RSS feed to iTunes in order to provide the option for iTunes users to find and subscribe to their podcast. As far as I know, these podcasts are free.

What exactly were you trying to do with the iTunes store?