iTunes saying cover art must be hosted on server that allows http head requests

  • 9 January 2015
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Just an idea that had just worked for me.

I have changed my image's name to an all small caps not dashes ["simplydoitlogo.jpg"]

and it worked!
We are having the same problem and ALL our logos and background pictures are over 1400x1400
Our RSS feed is -
SoundCloud -

Please help... we don't know what to do
I am also having this same issue. I have gone through and double and triple checked my image size before uploading. The image is clearly within the parameters. But I still get the error. I did the suggestion of loading the feed into a window and finding the image line. When copying the image file from this into a new window to see... that image size is DRASTICALLY smaller than the image that I am uploading.

I am on a Mac. I am using Safari. I am using Pixelmator to resize my image. It is 1500x1500 but the image size in my feed is showing like 675x675. Where is the disconnect happening? Someone please help!
please use RGB Profil
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I have the same problem as some people that replied before. I get this error message from iTunes about my artwork. The picture I use as a profile picture is defenitely big enough. But when I look at the image in the RSS feed the picture is really small.

what can I do?

This is my RSS-feed:

And this is the picture:

Thanks in advance!