Listens not being tracked/counted

  • 29 May 2015
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The last few episodes of our podcast have dropped significantly in terms of listens (yes I understand maybe we lost listeners).

However, with our most recent episode, I had a friend listen through the whole thing and checked the number of listens prior, and after, and the number did not change. I also listened myself, through my phone without being logged in to see if it would log the listen, and it did not.

Is this a bug? Thanks for any help.

4 replies

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if they listened to the the episode using the soundcloud provided RSS, it will not show up as a play. it will show as an RSS download in the stats. have a look and see whats what 🙂
Ah yes that does show numbers that we're more used to seeing. Did something change in how soundcloud reports the listens, or has it always been like this?

Regardless thanks for pointing us in the right direction!
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when the rss feature first started, the rss stats were rolled into plays. since the behavior of podcasts is to download, it cant accuratly be confirmed if the file was actually 'played' or not. thus it counts as a download... soundcloud was just nice enough separate the rss downloads out into its own stats metric. there are a few other discussions currently about the visibility of rss stats, since both download and rss download stats are only viewable privately.
Thanks for asking this question@2v1. I was seeing the same thing and was starting to wonder why my listenership dropped to a third of what it was over a two week period.

One question I'm hoping someone can answer for me: any plans to include the RSS downloads data underneath the tracks themselves? Right now, there's plays, downloads, likes, reposts, and comments. Would be great to get RSS there, too.

I ask because I track this on a spreadsheet for my boss, so...yeah...kinda important.