Music copyright clearance

  • 15 October 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi I’m recording a talk podcast during which a commercially published musician will also perform his songs.  Is it OK to broadcast the music on my podcast as long as I have clearance from the artist and the music publisher?

3 replies

Hi @Adrian Goldberg 

You need to contact your digital distributor to make sure your SoundCloud account gets whitelisted. I'm guessing this is self-released since "Adrian Goldberg", not another label name, is being given as the copyright owner.
Also, can you link your SoundCloud profile here? There's a lot of Adrian Goldberg’s, including this one which looks like it's been set up by a label for monetizing a back-catalog and the artist might not be aware of it:

If you are trying to do this make sure you have clearance and give credit to the artist and the music publisher otherwise you should be good

Thanks Mike - sorry to be dumb but what does “digital distributor” mean?  Is that the rights holder to the music?  Do I then apply to be “whitelisted” by Sound Cloud?