MY RSS feed was working, but now it isn't anymore

Everything has been smooth sailing since we started podcasting on Soundcloud, until today. We released our latest episode, and while it plays just fine on Soundcloud, something seems to be wrong with the RSS feed.

Listeners who are on Pocket Casts get this message; "Unable to download from podcast author. Reason: forbidden." iTunes users get this message: "Episode Unavailable: this episode is temporarily unavailable from Radio Room." We get similar messages from other services. We validated the feed, double checked our permissions and everything in our settings, and everything seems like it should be okay, but nobody is currently able to download.

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Many people (including me) are having the same problem. We have to keep blasting soundcloud email to fix this problem. I thought it was only me, but it is you, me and many others!
Yep same here! Hope this gets resolved ASAP!
To quote my latest episode, "Never surrender! Always attack!"

Here's the issue: “We will be doing maintenance on our site shortly that will affect RSS feeds. This feature will be disabled for all tracks until further notice. Please continue to check our Status Blog for updates.”

In other words, all RSS feeds will be down until they finish. Which will be... sometime.
well that's reassuring...
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The media file URLs in your enclosure tags are coming up as 403 forbidden. This must be a problem on SoundCloud's end.