Our listeners are getting an error 50 in iTunes when they try to download from their desktops

  • 3 August 2015
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We have run into a problem that only came about after we switched over the soundcloud. Our listeners have been writing in saying that they are unable to download episodes in iTunes and getting an error 50. But it's only happening on the desktop version of iTunes. It seems to be fine on apps and phones. Can you please help as this is becoming somewhat of a nuisance.

3 replies

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Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch here and sorry about the troubles. Hmm, let's see - I've just subscribed to your podcasting from within iTunes and was able to download and listen to the episodes fine actually. Is this issue persistent for you?

I've also looked into your account settings from our end, and everything looks ok there too.

If this is a continuous issue for you, maybe you can get in touch with iTunes and ask if they can see any reason for this issue?

Hey there it is persistent. And it seems to be isolated to desktops only. I've included screenshots below. It's only started after we made the switch t Soundcloud. What's strange is that it's isolated only to desktops. And more than one listener has complained about this.

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Hmm, quite strange indeed... when I googled the issue, I found this (thought the error -50 isn't explicitly mentioned in the article, this was the very first search result to come up). If you happen to have access to the computer from which you took those screenshots, maybe you can try and apply what Apple recommends for troubleshooting?