Password Protecting Podcast?

  • 10 February 2016
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Little background- I work for a tech company that wants to create an internal podcast so that we can listen to recorded sales calls from smartphones, on the go, etc. I'd really like to host the files on Soundcloud and plug the feed into iTunes. The only caveat is that since these files contain sensitive information they need to be username/password protected.

The apple website says that it won't accept password protected RSS feeds, or that they won't show up in iTunes. Which is a huge bummer. I'm wondering now though if it's even possible to create a password protected feed from files that are hosted on Soundcloud.

If it is possible, does anyone know of any mobile-friendly apps that would be good for distributing password protected RSS podcasts? Thanks!

2 replies

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its the content you want to protect. not the rss feed itself. the 'rss' feed is just XML formatted text describing everything about the media content, including the http url to the enclosure file, which is the data that you want to protect.

soundcloud does not allow private tracks on the rss feeds. it must be set to public.

personally your best option would be to find a cheap webhost and host them yourself. most hosting providers have the ability to set user/pass on web directories via htaccess. you would then host the rss xml file somewhere that IS public and not passworded, but just host and like the files to a directory that is protected.

another option would be to host the files within your companies internal intranet/network. thus requiring your employees to be on that network, either on site, or via vpn. you should decide accordingly depending on how sensitive this data is,
Thanks, I ended up hosting on Box which allows for htaccess. I really appreciate the detailed response.