Podcast Art Not Updating in iTunes

I changed my podcast art but it has not been updated on iTunes. The size is correct 1400 px X 1400 px and it's been 24 hours

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Hey hey,

Thanks for posting. Hmm, ok let's see - Your RSS feed has updated properly, so things should be fine on that end. Also, I've gone ahead and subscribed to your podcast on iTunes. When the store still shows the old image, once I have downloaded the episodes, the artwork in my iTunes library is the updated one. Thus, it looks like the cache on the iTunes store isn't updated properly.

I'd suggest to either give this some more time, or try to upload the artwork again, possibly under a different file name, to trigger iTunes cache to refresh properly.

Hope this helps!

Hey there - I too have updated my artwork and it has not updated

Tried re loading the image too - any more advice.