• 22 April 2019
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Can anyone help me figure out why Soundcloud keeps changing the pixels of my artwork. I upload a picture with 1400 X 1400 pixels but somehow between then and when I submit my RSS feed to itunes it changes to 500 x 500. I've attached my artwork. I've tried changing my profile & track artwork multiple times but it never stays in 1400 x 1400 pixels.

5 replies

Here is my rss feed btw!
Okay I've been in a searching this site for a solution and I think I can narrow it down to two issues.

1) Itunes is looking at the profile image artwork and not my track artwork for validation.
a. Tried changing my profile artwork but Soundcloud changed it back to 500 x 500

2) The RSS feed doesn't actually change when someone make an updated. So everytime I think I'm making a change I'm actually submitted the same incorrect rss feed with the incorrect artwork from when I originally created my account.

I think its a combination of both issues. The bottom line being Soundcloud not changing when I make an update.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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Hey there,

I've taken a look. The current SoundCloud Profile picture is different from the one that you have attached above on the topic here on the community. It is actually 1057 x 1057 px in size. Just update this according to the step by step guide on our Help Center:

Here's another thing that you'll have to adjust before you can submit the feed to sites like iTunes or Stitcher: Include at least one episode in your feed. This is an easy one, too:

Hope this helps.

If in doubt, here's how to double check: take the feed URL and paste it into the address field of a new browser window, press enter. You'll see a bunch of text, containing
"itunes:image href=""

This is the URL of your image. You can copy the http://...jpg part and paste it into another browser window, press enter. This is the image that iTunes and others will look into.

Also, once you've added a track to your RSS feed, you will see this as an

In the long line of text in your RSS feed.

It seems a bit complicated at first, but once you've figured this out, it'll become smooth sailing. 🙂 Here's more in Podcasting with SoundCloud:

I'm having a similar issue as well. I'm using an appropriately sized picture for my avatar on my Soundcloud account and discovered that SC keeps changing the size. No matter what I do, if I search my podcast on iTunes, my old artwork comes up for the pod, yet every new track that's fed to iTunes has my current artwork. How can this be fixed??

Yeah I wish I could figure this out but nobody seems to be able to address why the pixels change. I know for a fact I'm selecting the correct size image to update my profile, but once its saved in soundcloud it changes. I think I'm just going to have to use a different host site to avoid this issue.