Podcast date format in iTunes is wrong (day-month-year instead of month/day/year)

  • 25 August 2016
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The "Release Date" of my podcast episodes in iTunes changed from the original format of month/day/year (e.g. 3/15/16) to the European format of day - month - year e.g. (3 8 2016).

See here:

iTunes support suggests that it has to do with the time zone format in the RSS feed's <pubDate> data:

...but I don't know how to control this in Soundcloud.

Can anyone help?

2 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, not sure I'm understanding the issue properly. Here's how I'm seeing this in iTunes:

As you can see, the month is actually written. Can you clarify please?
Hi Mathis,

I'm seeing the issue in the iTunes webpage. Screenshot below from