Podcast episode pushed to iTunes through feed, but cannot be downloaded/listened to

Our most recent episode of our podcast has the appropriate option checked "include in RSS feed" and is showing up on podcast aggregates like Pocketcasts and iTunes podcast app. However, the episode cannot be accessed/downloaded/listened to through these services. It displays an error that says "Unable to download from the podcast author. Reason: Forbidden"

Not sure what is wrong here or what else we can do? Is this a bug? Episode has been posted for over 12 hours now so I don't think any more length of time should make a difference.

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Same problem here.
Same problem here.

Same problem here.
Translation trying to understand look at the site, but the material is not displayed well, please a little time to understand.

Do you download it with no good?
Same problem here.
RSS feeds have been disabled since the 30th.
Same problem here.
Ah I did not see that announcement. Thank you, guess we have no idea how long this is lasting? Really sucks for a consistent listening audience.
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Same problem here.
Hi there,

Heads up in case you haven't seen this yet - our podcasting service maintenance is now over and RSS feeds are fully functional again. Please see here for more info.

All the best

P.S.: Closing this conversation now.