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  • 21 February 2018
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I am trying to add to itunes, and it says that: certain episodes withhin your feed do not have byte-range requests enables which prevents your podcast from being streamed through itunes, and that I need to make sure soundcloud has enabled HTTP HEAD request... how do I enable that?

6 replies

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Byte-range settings happen at the server level. There's no way you can turn them on/off. (They should always be on, tho.) What's the URL to the feed you've tried to submit to Podcasts Connect?
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Hi Cyn City Vibes,

It looks like the URL you have put into the Stats service URL prefix in your SoundCloud settings might be breaking your RSS feed actually. In order to fix this, please go to and click on the small "?" next to said field to copy the right link.

This should sort out any issue with this. :)

Shawn this is the url I use
HI Mathis,
I will try that, thank you!
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Your podcast feed looks good now in CastFeedValidator. I don't see anything unusual in your media enclosure tags, so I'm guessing you cleared up whatever was going on with your stats redirect settings. I think you should be good now.

Also, nice artwork!
Thank you so much! shawnmx