Podcast: Itunes says "Failed validation" without any further information

I have been trying for at long time to understand why Itunes will not validate my podcast.

Itunes says "Failed validation" without any further information. What to do?

I have written to Itunes for help. They told me to test my podcast by using a third party validation service. When I do that, it shows an exclamation mark at
  • "XML", but it doesn't tell me what is wrong....?
  • Support for HTTP HEAD requests The server for your episodes must support “HTTP HEAD requests”, which is a fancy way of saying that iTunes must be able to get information about your files without downloading them whole. Unexpected HTTP code: 301 - but what does this mean?
  • Byte-range support: Hrmmm, the “0” status code was unexpected. Can you please report using the "?" in the lower-right corner? But where is that? And what is this about?
  • The feed’s [code][/code] is missing an [code][/code]. To be featured by iTunes, podcasts must have a valid author information. But that is not true - I have written my author name....?
  • Is there a valid iTunes category? I have chosen "Business" as a category... Why is this not accepted...?
  • Cover art - is doesn't tell me if there is anything wrong, it just keeps on searching...
Can any one please, please, please help me out here?

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

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