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  • 27 August 2019
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Hello there. My podcast has been gaining some ground recently, but I have had some issues with those who use podcast specific services finding the podcast.

Most sites that show my podcast have two tags that are attached to it for categories. It seems that they stem from the categories that iTunes has applied to the cast. That would be fine if they were tags that I applied to the podcast myself, but they are not.

My question is the age old issue that seems to have never been rectified, but here it is for the heck of it:
Is there any way to add custom tags, specifically to my feed? I'm looking at the source feed from my own podcast that I accessed through a podcast player site, and all of the tags are there. Being able to access said feed and apply my own keywords is something that would be a huge improvement to Soundcloud's hosting services.

I am pretty confident from my searches that this is not possible at the moment; but I read a similar question from 2 years ago, and was hoping someone could update on the progress of adding this feature.

Thanks guys!

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